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Fire Drill

The kids have fire drills at school, so why not at home? Here are a few basic tips and steps to practice with your family throughout the year.

Prevention - Never leave lit stove burners unattended.  Ensure all candles are in proper containers and that they're not underneath or too close to anything flammable.  Teach your children not to touch lighters, matches, candles, stoves or the fireplace.

Where there's smoke, there's fire - Install smoke detectors throughout your home and test them every 6 months.  Set a reminder on your cell phone or calendar so you will not forget

Plan Your Escape Routes - A fire can happen anywhere. You should plan and practice multiple routes for your family and children from all rooms in your home.

Stay Low - As you evacuate your home, stay low. Smoke rises, so staying low or even crawling if necessary can help ensure you make it safely out of your home.

Create a "Safe Zone" - Everyone should agree on a location that is a safe distance away from your home where you will meet up if a fire occurs.

What do you do if you can't get out? - If you cannot get out fast, because fire or smoke is blocking an escape route, you'll want to yell for help.  You can do this from an open window or call 911 if you have a phone near by.

Fire Extinguishers - A fire extinguisher can be very effective in preventing a small fire from becoming a larger one.  Everyone should be taught the location of and the proper use of the fire extinguishers in your home.

Practice! - Practice your home fire drill.  If you have small children, this should be re-enforced multiple times per year.