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Before You Do, Have A Clue

Some contractors want to get in, do the job, get paid, and get out.  And that's it.  This certainly works in their favor, but at your expense.

Repairs, remodeling, and home improvements, are rarely "spec'd".  What does that mean?  If you build a new home, the architect specifies products, and finishes, and the builder must use those specifications.

When you contract with a home improvement contractor, unless you specifically discuss what you want the end result to be, what to use, and how to apply these products, you are taking a chance on that improvement failing.

The life of a 20 year roof is about 20 years, but only if it is applied correctly, and the attic is vented.  Of course, there are also the options of installing a 25 year, 30 year, and even 50 year roofs.

A new siding job can cost several thousand dollars.  It may look good, but is it doing the job intended?  Many steps taken prior to installation of new siding can increase the quality of the insulation, eliminate water infiltration, and stop mold from forming behind the siding.

There is a constant stream of new products and applications in the home improvement industry.  Not all are effective, but some are revolutionary.  Most contractors and homeowners are months, if not years, behind in knowing about these new innovations.

If you chose to do a major improvement that costs thousands of dollars, wouldn't you want the latest, most cost-effective products to be included?

The American Contracting Exchange keeps abreast of the latest technologies in the contracting trades. These include plumbing, electrical, lighting, flooring, decks and railings, insulation, roofing, siding, cabinets and counter tops, engineered lumber, hardware, tile and granite, heating and air conditioning, green products, lawn and garden, concrete, stone and pavers, fountains, sauna and steam rooms, heated flooring.

We review all submissions and select the best for you to chose from.  As you look through our product guide, remember to select your options and specify these selections to your contractor, make those specifications part of the contract.